The diamond in the spotlight

S3x is a heavy topic which is making this article a PG one. Now that you think socialites are the only ratchet human beings, you thought wrong. There are other celebrities doing unbelievable wonders when it comes to this crazy topic and they have unapologetically admitted to it in public.

Without further ado, let’s get to it;

Rayvanny And Mishi Dorah

Nairobi Diaries’ Mishi Dorah revealed that she was going to Tanzania to smash WCB’s youngest artiste Rayvanny. Well, Mpasho spoke to Rayvanny who confirmed that they had slept together.

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Creme Dela Creme And Side Chic

One of the most celebrated DJs in town, Creme Dela Creme admitted to having had sex with a random chic after his sex tape went viral. The DJ would then apologize to the public saying that he was glad people learnt from his misstep.

Diamond Platnumz And Sidepiece

In an exclusive interview with a Tanzanian based radio station, Diamond Platnumz revealed that he had one night stand with a lass he met at a hotel he was staying at.

The bongo flava artiste admitted that he shared the chic with a fellow Tanzanian artiste identified as Dully.

Here is the interesting part, the three did not use a condom! Hata ya 50 bob hawangepata, they must have been too thirsty. Let’s hope he went for a test before bedding his other baby mamas.

“Niliwahi kwenda mwanza zamani nilikuwa katika show ya matamasha makubwa nikakutana na mtoto kawaka alikuwa anatokea kwenye chumba cha Brother Dully, akaja kwangu Mimi nikafanya yangu.”

Timmy Tdat And Kush Tracy

The two Kenyan rappers were lovers but their romance did not last long and was followed by a nasty break up.

In an interview with Pulse, Kush Tracy dissed Timmy T Dat’s lungula skills saying that they are very poor.

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She must have been challenging his transformer!

His skills are not the best, let us just say ‘yuko’ down. On bedroom matters, he is not as energetic as the guy you see on stage when performing.

Prezzo And Michelle Yola

After calling his transformer small, Michelle Yola, Prezzo’s ex socialite girlfriend was seen in bed with Prezzo conducting an Instagram live. At the time she was rocking sexy booty shorts. Seemingly, the two may have just smashed because Yola would go ahead to say;

“Some say the ex makes the sex spectacular…”