Vera Sidika
Queenvee posing

Vera Sidika is a rich woman, thanks to her business.

The bootylicious socialite is living the life many only dream of. While her counterparts are still struggling to pay rent at bedsitter in Ruaka, the lass from Mulembe land is living like a queen.

She has bought a house in one of the most expensive Kenyan suburbs. In fact, she is a neighbour to the former president Mwai Kibaki.

Well, with the 2022 campaigns starting to heat up, we will have many aspirants struggling to raise money to fund their campaigns.

But did you know that Vera Sidika’s items and the modifications on her luscious body would fund a governor’s campaign?

Here are the 5 most expensive things Vera Sidika owns:

  1. Her palatial home in the leafy suburbs

She bought a house in one of the finest city estates; Nyari.

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2. Range Rover

3. Her collection of designer handbags

Vera Sidika
Vera Sidika’s handbag worth Kes500000

And that is just one handbag, Vera Sidika has a closest full of various designer handbags.

4. Vera’s business ventures

The sexylicious socialites runs several businesses among them Veetox tea and her salon which is the current booming business in town.

Her profits plus the money she spends on many trips abroad, can fund your campaign for five years.

Vera Sidika


6. Her weaves and wigs

7. Wrist watch

Vera Sidika

Vera has a collection of expensive watches. Their value is assured as they are original time pieces that cost an arm and a leg.

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8. Shoes

She owns several pairs of shoes – most of them red bottoms – is she was to sell all of them, they could buy you three campaign cars.


Vera has thousands of followers on social media. Her followers alone can help you campaign and even win elections in case they all vote for you.

10. Her body

Vera in London
Vera in London

The amount of money Vera has sent to attain her perfect body would make you weep. Vera has spent a tidy amount to get top of the range services in breast augmentation surgery to lightening her skin.

The investment can pay for posters that can be supplied to the entire county announcing your candidature.

Vera has not made it a secret that she spent spent millions on skin lightening and the same amount can fund your campaigns for a year.

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