Kenyan athletes are the real superstars, but so little is known about them locally. They are the ultimate ballers, yet we tend to focus more on the broke socialites driving around in big cars that they don’t even own.

Unlike our celebrities, most of our athletes are world acclaimed celebrities. If you meet anyone in London and ask them about Kenya, they will probably tell you that they know Kenyans as long distance runners.

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After putting us on the map with the gold medals that they win, where do they take all that money to? What machines do they drive? Find out what your favorite athlete drives below.

#1. Ezekiel Kemboi

Apart from being one of the most popular athletes in Kenya, he is the only athlete to win four (successive) world championships in the steeplechase. He is known to drive three high end cars;  a RangeRover, a Prado and a Land Cruiser.


#2. Vivian Cheruiyot

The 32-year-old long-distance runner has won several medals for Kenya, and she currently holds the Kenyan record as well as the Commonwealth record for the 5000m race with her best time of 14:20.89. She prefers to cruise around in a Land Cruiser.



#3. David Rudisha

The current Olympic champion and world record holder in the 800 metres loves his Toyota Land Cruiser V8.