Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko celebrated his 41st birthday at his expensive Mua Family Farm in Machakos County yesterday.

The flamboyant senator was joined by his family, President Uhuru Kenyatta’s son Jomo who he said will be his running mate come 2032, amongst other friends for the private celebration.

To show how wealthy he his, Mike Sonko bought several bottles of expensive whiskey and placed them on top of his dad’sĀ grave to thank God for his life.

“Today I was joined by my lovely wife Lady Primrose, my friend/ my running mate 2032/ FP(God willing after the DP and myself) Mo, among other friends, in celebrating my birthday in style by staying in doors at my Mua Family Farm thanking God for the life of my LATE DAD, as this was my first birthday in his absence and after his demise. Were it not for him, my Late Mum and God, I could not have reached where I am today.” The Senator posted on social media.

Check out the photos below;

I remember when I was the most notorious student in school, the youngest in form 4 class, there was a mobile ID registration campaign by the former president Moi’s government and all students who had attained the age of 18 years were supposed to show a copy of birth certificate or notification of birth document from any hospital, I had to forge mine with a whiteout and backdated it by 3yrs so that I could also be issued with an ID instantly just like the rest of my other classmates. During one of my school holidays after my Dad detected it, he was very upset with me but still he forgave me and never lost hope in me even after doing all these reckless things. The mistake of yesterday will not determine the success of tomorrow. A day like this my Dad used to celebrate my birthday with me by taking a bottle of Johny Walker which was his favourite whisky, since he had left his stock in the cabinet I decided to celebrate it with him. Some good things are happening in our life as a family and we look up the heaven and smile, I know its you Dad. Thank you for you for the good counsel. rest in peace Dad, I miss you dearly. – sonko

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