Depression is a silent killer and the approach used to treat it determines if the patient will get out of the rut or not.

A sad woman

Depression has sometimes erroneously been linked to witchcraft yet it can be genetic, just like diabetes.

Well it seems music, therapy sessions and mood stabilisers are not the only tricks that can assist one  in conquering depression.

A man at the gym

Did you know that one hour of exercise helps keep depression away?Research from the American Journal of Psychiatry shows that even small amounts of exercise can help patients fight depression or any mental related illness such as PTSD.

This research further shows that at least 12% of depression cases are reducible if victims take at most an hour of exercising.This will help one to free their mind and for a moment not  focus on what they are going through.

A sad teen girl

Depression seems to be common among teens because many parents are too busy working and barely have enough time to hold conversations with their kids.

That’s why you find scenarios where teenagers commit suicide for stupid reasons such as heartbreaks.



DJ Avicii


As was the case with Avicii, being in the limelight exposes some individuals to extreme levels of anxiety, which is why many use alcohol and hard drugs as an escape route.

Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Amy Winehouse are among the big names who struggled with depression as the wind of fame whizzed around them.

Their experiences were proof that a person can have lots of money but cannot buy happiness.