Mwanaume ni wako akiwa kwa nyumba akitoka nje ni wa jamii. This means a man is only yours when with you, once they step out they belong to the society.

This quite is used by women who want to justify why they are sleeping with married/engaged men.

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Mwanaume si hand bag ndio aibiwe

Majorly used by women who want to justify that they did not steal your man.

Such a statement is aimed at proving that a relationship is consensual, even when it’s not.

Mfunge na kamba

This is used when a woman wants to indirectly tell their counterpart that her husband is a cheat.

It’s a way of saying that the man cannot zip up so the wife/girlfriend better get used to the idea or else tie a rope on them to be able to monitor them.

Uko na nini yenye sina?

Loosely translates to ‘what have you got that I haven’t?

Truth be told, women are jealous beings.

One will ask another woman what they have that makes them think their husbands can’t cheat on them with someone else.

What such women do not understand is that a man can cheat but still be in love with their wives.

What other phrase do you know that is majorly used by ‘team tangatanga?.

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