Pritty Vishy-Being a celebrity is like joining a 'cult'

• Pritty Vishy is an influencer and a content creator.

• She has a sister with special needs.

Digital content creator Pritty Vishy
Image: Instagram

Ever wondered how Pritty Vishy handles fame? Are there things she regrets? In a recent interview with Mpasho she revealed a few things most Kenyans don't know about her.

Check it out below:

What is something she wishes she knew before becoming famous?

"Being a celebrity comes with a price which is, that you can be yourself most of the time."

How does she deal with trolls and cyberbullying?

"I just ignore or troll them back because this life is never too serious."

Would she date a celebrity?

"No I can't date a celebrity, it's just too much for me."

Lessons she has learned since becoming famous?

"Once you are in the industry there is no turning back.. It's like joining a cult…kinda easy to be in but so hard to leave."

Does she face peer pressure to live a fake life?

"No, I don't face any peers because I am always myself"

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