Kumbe! 'Kufa Juu' singer is married and has 3 kids!

• The musician is back with a banger titled 'Transform Her'.

Tribeless Shia
Image: Handout

Mpasho.co.ke recently caught up with famous 'Kufaa Juu' singer, Tribeless Shia.

The singer is back with a club banger called Transform Her, which is a groove and dance track in Swahili, English, and Luyha.

The singer graciously engaged in a wide-ranging interview with us about the music industry and his personal life. Check it out below:

Where have you been? I’ve been laying low, working on myself and getting my finances in order. I’ve been involved in a few video productions, regaining my mojo because, you know, I’m more of an actor and entertainer. So yeah, I’ve been focusing on me.

What do you think of Arbantone? Arbantone is a vibe, full of energy. No hate, but let’s not let it decline like gengetone. We need to be more vibrant and exposed.

Remember, KAJAIRO used to do arbantone. I’ve also done it passionately. What’s the way forward? People should be paid well to live well because being broke kills our music. Artists deserve to be paid fairly.

Who would you like to collaborate with? Honestly, if we vibe, I’m down for it as long as there is a connection.

What did you think of Otile's statement that Kenya has no international artists? For real, we have international artists, but we don’t have SUPERSTARS. The meaning of a superstar is someone who owns Lambos and Ferraris, who rolls in entourages and fleets of cars, who shops extravagantly.

We don’t have those things because the revenue from music isn’t enough. We need to be serious about music in terms of artists getting paid and investing to double their money, so yeah, that’s my take.

Tribeless Shia
Image: Handout

Will we get an album soon? Actually, I have songs, but I’m releasing them as singles. So yeah, expect singles from now till December. The whole year is going to be hot.

Lessons for upcoming musicians? Be humble. You never know, you might be the next big thing or the next big flop. Never underestimate the power of music.

It can take you places, so believe in your journey. It might take a little time or the longest time, but all in all, music is life.

What should people expect from you in the future? Guys should expect versatile vibes. I have a lot of songs coming from Rhumba, Dancehall, Arbantone, hip hop, Kenyapiano, and much more.

Are you dating, and if not, what are you looking for in a wife? I have 3 kids and a wife, so yeah, I’m happily married, no worries.

Watch the video for 'Transform Her' below:

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