Watch: Amber Ray reveals major condition for being her friend

• The socialite also was speaking at Phoina Tosha's launch.

Amber Ray
Image: Instagram

Being included in Amber Ray's close circle may require some deep pockets. The mother of two was attending the grand opening ceremony of best friend Phoina Tosha's new spa.

Aber spoke exclusively to Mpasho where she spoke about her deep friendship and respect for Phoina.  Phoina will also be launching two other businesses soon.

The two are independent girls working to gain success. Amber cautioned against having friends who don't have money.

"Kama marafiki wako wote ni who don't bring anything to the table then hautapata anything," declared the businesswoman as she told off people who seek freebies instead of supporting friend's businesses.

Amber told Mpasho that she prefers friends who can support themselves

"But saa hivi vile maisha imekuwa, honestly for me to be friends with you, I want you to be...unajua kuwa stable. I mean ukipata shida na mi nipate shida, unajua tunaeza saidiana.

But I don't want mzigo in my life. Thats what I have said. I don't want a parasite in my life. If you are not bringing anything, then why? why? Are we friends, unajua?" she questioned.

She hinted that she did have such friends in the past, but shed them off for being a burden.

"Yeah, yes actually I'm talking from experience. I've learnt the hard way that's why I'm saying kama huniletii kitu mm," she shook her head no.

Watch the interview below:

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