Butita comes clean on Jacky Vike's claim that he has a secret wife and kids


• This comes after Eddie Butita was rumoured to be dating Sadia with whom they boarded a helicopter together while attending an event

Eddie Butita and Jacky Vike
Image: Instagram

Comedian and content creator Eddie Butita has been exposed to having a wife by his fellow jester and actress Jacky Vike, popularly known as Awinja.

During a recent interview with SPM Buzz,  the actress made a shocking revelation about Eddie Butita's love life which is quite intriguing since the jester has kept his relationship(s) private for a long time.

Despite having built an empire for himself, Butita has never disclosed anything about having a family or divulged about the love of his life leaving many to speculate. 

However, Jacky has recently disclosed that Butita already has a wife & children whom the content creator hadn't disclosed to the public back at his rural home.

"Butita akona bibi na watoto ushago. Hio ni kitu alinishow,” Jacky divulged. 

When asked why she thinks Butita is keeping the information under wraps, Jacky revealed to not know the why,  further insisting that Butita be asked the question himself. 

”I don’t know. Unajua mambo ya wanaume ni ngumu,” the actress said. 

Jacky's exposé comes after the comedian was rumoured to be dating Sadia with whom they boarded a helicopter together while attending an event.

But the latter came to pass after Sadia was rumoured to be dating another man.

Mpasho.co.ke called Butita about Jacky's claims and he cheekily said that 'anamchomea.'

"Ananichomea soko," Butita reiterated before clarifying that it wasn't true. He explained that it was a reference to his role in the upcoming Disco Matanga show, where he plays a man with a wife and kids back at home. 

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