Fashionista Mike Mwa shares FIVE mistakes you shouldn't do while donning a suit

• Do not go to a date looking like a homeless guy.

• Looks matter, don't let anyone decive they don't.

Mike Mwa

With Valentines being days away many are already preparing what to wear.

While most people prefer casual wear, some men prefer rocking suits.

Fashion is an art, hence it is important to wear your suit the right way.

Here are five mistakes you shouldn't make when rocking a suit according to Mike Mwa famously known as the Professor of Style.

1. Do not wear baggy or non-fitting suits

Ill-fitting suits make you look bigger than you are.

Rocking a well-fitting suit is a confidence booster, plus what would be so wrong about serving your date with a good look?

2. Do not wear the wrong type of shoe

According to Mwa, most tuxedo style requires patent leather or a slipper loafer.

3. Avoid wearing the wrong neckwear

If rocking a tuxedo it is advisable to be in a well-structured bow tie

Wearing a black bow tie with a tuxedo is considered traditional and elegant, as it complements the formal and classic look of the tuxedo .

A long bright colored tie might appear too casual or mismatched with the formal attire of a tuxedo, potentially undermining the overall elegance of the ensemble.

Mike Mwa

4. Do not rock a Tuxedo with more than two buttons

If you want a traditional look with your tuxedo, stick with a one- or two-button jacket.

Just remember to leave the bottom button undone if your tuxedo jacket has two or more buttons.

5. If rocking a tuxedo do not wear blazers with notch lapel  

The purpose of a tuxedo is not to look casual.

It is advisable to rock a Tuxedo with a Shawl Lapel. They have a rounded, soft edge almost exclusively reserved for a tuxedo.

With a shawl lapel, there is no separation between the collar and the lapel. They always feature a different facing compared to the tuxedo fabric, usually a complimentary satin fabric.

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