It will end in tears!! Sam West sends warning to couples ahead of Valentines Day

• Sam says people should not pressure themselves in celebrating Valentines Day.

Sam West

The world will be celebrating Valentines day in 14th February 2024.

Many are looking forward to it, while some will be busy continuing with their day-to-day activities as they have no plans.

Motivational Speaker Sam West has advised women to ask the hard questions on that day.

Such questions include when your partner will make the union official among other things.

In an interview with Mpasho he shared.

"Ask hard questions on this day

Valentines Day It is not a day to receive flowers, smile and call each other sweet names.

Remember you are dating hence a man should give you a date for marriage.

Ask the hard questions, You do not need to be in a relationship that is not progressing."

Sam further advised this is the time to confirm where you lie in your 'partners life

"If you are already in a come in stay relationship ask when he will formalize the relationship other wise it will end in tears.

Do not let men give you excuses. 

You need to know what they are in a relationship, you might think you are the wife or the girlfriend yet there is an official one somewhere."

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