How George Floyd inspired Grace Wacuka's 'Black N Beautiful'

• Wacuka, described it as a work of art that celebrates black pride and love for African history.

Grace Wacuka
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Actor, producer, and singer Grace Wacuka has released her most anticipated track dubbed 'Black N Beautiful'.

In an exclusive interview with Mpasho's Kalondu Musyimi, Wacuka described it as a work of art that celebrates black pride and love for African history.

The track is inspired by the 2020 George Floyd protests that attack white supremacy, hypocritical religiosity, and black people who hate their skin while educating listeners on divine African history, and elevating what it means to be black and African.

"It is a hip-hop, rap song that I wrote in 2020 when living in the US. I was struggling financially and at the same time the protests had been going on. I wrote the song in response to my anger about the situation facing black people globally."

On why it took so long for the project to be released, she said releasing music costs money.

"I spent every penny I had earned from the drama series 'Single Kiasi' to make that video. I had to borrow Ksh 20K more. I used it in just one day. "

Wacuka said the music industry was a little hard on her when she was starting. She lost her job, and her cousin who doubled up as her best friend died which led to depression.

"2023 was a very difficult year. I got a new job in July and I started saving."

Wacuka has also found it hard to get Kenyans who could market her song, "Finally I gave my money to the UK."

Grace Wacuka
Grace Wacuka

After the release of 'Black and Beautiful' Wacuka is set to release a short film dubbed 'Niguze', a story inspired by a true incident that she went through at Bus Station in Nairobi CBD.

"I was traumatized by that incident and I was not able to go to town for three months."

In 2018 she self-produced a short film called Say Anything, and in the next year acted in a lead role in the internationally acclaimed film A New Christmas.

In 2020 she released her first EP, the ‘I Am Wacuka Project’ which was featured on international TV and mainstream radio.

In 2023 she acted as the lead in the international Netflix Romantic Comedy, Married To Work which garnered her the Best Actress in East Africa Award at the Zanzibar International Film Festival and a nomination at the extremely prestigious Africa Magic Viewers Choice Award for the Best Actress in comedy in Africa.

She has also acted in several TV shows in Kenya among them 'Single Kiasi.'

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