The digital content creator noted that the year was a beautiful roller coaster ride

Njugush's best moments of 2023 and his one big regret

• Speaking about his year with Mpasho's Kalondu Musyimi the father of 2 candidly revealed that this year saw him scale to levels he had only dreamed of.

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Digital content creator and actor turned stand-up comedian Timothy Kimani popularly as Njugush is opening up on the roller coaster ride that the year 2023 has been, his achievements and regrets as well as his goals and aspirations for the coming year.

Speaking about his year with Mpasho's Kalondu Musyimi the father of 2 candidly revealed that this year saw him scale to levels he had only dreamed of.

"I think this year has been full of emotions both high and low and also full of so many new tidings and crossing horizons we have never been to. It has also been about learning and unlearning.

Generally, I feel this is the year we have scaled to levels we have never have," started off the actor his voice beaming with pride.

Njugush went on to add;

"Especially the fact that we just came from COVID, because just before the pandemic is when we had just come up with our 5-year plan then COVID happened and ruined the plan but as a company that is Njugush Creatives Team, we got back in the game and now we are aligned with our course! The goals and plans we had and I hope we get to actualize them all. I'm glad we are finishing on a high note,"

Blessed Njugush
Image: Instagram / Blessed Njugush

On his biggest win of the year, the father of 2 noted having his shows, TTNT which he hosts alongside his wife Celestine Ndinda (Wakavinye) selling out both in the country and abroad was definitely it.

"Selling in and out of the country is the biggest achievement of the year! Also the fact that we were able to capitalize on our website and in terms of monetization like it is beyond that. Like we could sell out at KICC like 3200 tickets but on the website it would be more than that both in the country and abroad," Njugush excitedly said.

The funny man went on to open up about how he loved being an inspiration to other creatives and showing content creators that their goals were just an arm's length away, one only has to stretch out enough to reach them.

Noting it is a beautiful era we live in, especially for content creators and the beauty/availability of the internet. He also gave props to Kenyans rubbishing the claim that they don't support local talent.

Njugush thanked everyone who had not only purchased tickets to his shows but engaged with his content and helped him build his brand to the level it is at now.

Celestine Ndinda (Wakavinye) and her husband Timothy Kimani (Njugush)

The only thing he regrets from how 2023 turned out? "I regret the fact that I am not assertive enough, I feel if I had been more assertive I would have gotten more. I wish I was more aggressive,"

On his 2024 aspirations, the father of 2 noted that his main aim was to continue with the job that they had started. He humbly noted that he couldn't predict how the year was going to turn out.

"For that ni God manze. That I can't say, because in 2022 if you had asked me how I thought my 2023 would have turned out, I would have been so off. I would have lied because I couldn't have imagined it would turn out the way it did."

Njugush finished off by highlighting that Christmas isn't Christmas if it isn't celebrated upcountry, revealing that he and his family would be traveling to the countryside for the festivities.

His message to Kenyans? "The year has been hard with everything going on but us as Kenyans, there's just something in us that ensures we can weather any storm, I mean COVID came and we laughed it off and we moved past it.

We hope for better days ahead, above all great health is paramount. So as long as you have health you can achieve anything,"

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