Josh Wonder: My biggest regret in life is falling in love

Piece by: ZENNA ISSA

• Months after his famous break-up with fellow content creator Ajib Gathoni it appears that our guy Wonder is feeling the pinch of being single.

Josh Wonder
Image: Instagram

Joshua Angachi famously known as Josh Wonder is a Kenyan digital content creator, fashionista and the ex to Ajib Gathoni.

In an exclusive quickfire section with Kalondu Musyimi, content creator Josh Wonder got a chance to share some juicy details about his life, especially his love affairs.

Months after his famous break-up with fellow content creator Ajib Gathoni it appears that our guy Wonder is feeling the pinch of being single.

During the interview, he stated that his biggest life regret was falling in love. Other than love being his biggest regret in life he also hates but craves for love.

Read along to know what else the star boy Josh Wonder thinks about life and relationships in general.

Kalondu: What is your AKA?

Josh: Wonder.

Kalondu: What is your real name?

Josh: Joshua Angachi.

Kalondu: Do you think you fooled people into thinking you know how to dance and would you like to know how to dance

Josh: Yes

Kalondu: What is your biggest life regret?

Josh: Falling in love.

Kalondu: What is your favourite bible verse?

Josh: I have so many but I'd say 2nd Kings 125

Kalondu: How would you describe your ex?

Josh: Pretty.

Kalondu: What has love done to you?

Josh: Wonders in a good way and bad way it is 50\50.

Kalondu: What do you love about love?

Josh: That it is interesting and nice

Kalondu: What do you hate about love?

Josh: That it hurts sometimes.

Kalondu: Ukona mtu?

Josh: Hapana.

Kalondu: What do you miss about being with a partner?

Josh: Cuddles, cuddling at night.

Kalondu: What's your skincare routine?

Josh: Moisturaizer na kipande.

Kalondu: How do you take care of yourself?

Josh: In so many ways I'd say but I'm keeping safe yeah that's taking care of myself.

Kalondu: Who's your favourite content creator other than yourself?

Josh: It's her. If you know you know this is a quickfire it counts.

Kalondu: Is it Ajib Gathoni?

Josh: (In a sad tone) No

Kalondu: Give me some relationship advice.

Josh: Don't get into one if you are not ready.

Kalondu: Who melts your heart?

Josh: My mother.

Kalondu: When was the last time you cried and why?

Josh: Not so long ago on my birthday, I was overwhelmed with joy, I was so happy.

Kalondu: Sing me your favourite Kenyan song.

Josh: It's the new song by Nyashinski I can't rhyme to it but I can say when he says if I've never loved you then I've never loved before in my life, it is a nice one.

Kalondu: Does that resonate with anybody?

Josh: Not really ..... but Kalonduu

Kalondu: Josh ask me a question.

Josh: Would you date me?

Kalondu: Can I give you a hug? Lemme give you a hug.

Josh: No give me an answer is it a yes or no?

Kalondu: I don't know.

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