All you need to know about Kenyan Jazz Group 'The Hornsphere'


• They are the winners of Best Group African Jazz in 2021 and they are going to perform at the Internation Jazz Festival by Radio Africa Events.

Hornsphere group

Guess who the guest of today's show on Morning Kiss was...The HornSpheres! The 2021 AFRIMMA Best Group in African Jazz winners.

They will be among artists performing at the much anticipated Radio Africa Jazz Festival.

The group consists of Eric Kimaru aka Kimbassax, Danson Rabuka aka Danso Denilson Ochieng aka Babu and Peter Kabia alias King

So how did they meet?

"We met in 2019 but started working in 2020 during the pandemic error. We used to meet weekly at our base and practice.

Just imagine being in the industry for a short time and winning an award the next year after your release. Yeah, that feeling that you are imagining is what exactly they experienced." They answered.

How did you know about the nomination (AFRIMMA) and who got the news first?

"Our producer, Mutoriah summited our song without our consent, and he was the one we got the information from about the nomination.

He then called one of us and told him to check on AFRIMMA, our song has been nominated. He checked and told us about it."

They have collaborated with many great musicians like Bensol and Watendawili. The entertainment captain asked a question based on that and this is what she asked.

How do you choose an artist to collaborate with? Do you write the song and decide that this song fits the artist, or do you just go for the artist?

"When we were working on our album, we just thought about any artist we would like to work with. Actually, one of our songs is a collaboration with our stylist.

He is a joker and jokes about everything, so we didn't know that he could sing but our producer had heard him sing and he told us. We did the instrumentals and he told us that he could do something about it.

We went for lunch and when we came back and saw what he did it was magnificent. And that's how the song came up."

The Hornsphere are going to perform at The International Jazz Festival this coming Saturday the 28th of October with the king of Jazz himself Jonathan Butler.

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