Why Marya praised hubby YY after winning Most Influential Actress Award

Piece by: ZENNA ISSA

•  is a Kenyan actress known for her roles in Dinga ya Wife and as receptionist at Nurse Toto.

Marya Okoth with YY Comedian
Image: Instagram

In a joint media interview, actress and content creator Marya Okoth showered her husband comedian  YY with praises after winning the Most Influential Actress award.

The actress started by thanking her fans for their endless efforts in voting for her. In a statement she said;

"This award really means a lot to my career it only shows that I have a ready audience, all imebaki is for me to do the work, they've proven to me and shown me that they love what I do and are taking in what I'm doing. 10 years to come it's going to be very good I see myself as a very big brand and a big actress that is if continue with the consistency I started with.  

Other than thanking her fans she happily dedicated her award to her husband comedian YY and thanked him for all the efforts he put into making her star.

"I won the award went back to sit and told him thank you vitu zingine nitamwambia badae. Watu wengine wanaeza feel nisimuonyeshe ni yeye alikufanyia but it will be so bad if I don't give what belongs to Caesar to Caesar.

Oliver, as I call him, has taken me from watu hawanijui to where I am today, it's his work, Oliver amenifunza the commercial bit about the business, amenifundisha kuongelesha clients, amenifunza hadi kucreate content yangu."

Other than praising her husband for teaching her the keys to acting she further thanked him for helping her generate her own content.

"When we started yeye ndio alikuwa ananipea idea then I acted it out hadi nilikuwa nafeel I'll do that forever cause I used to tell him I'm not good at creating and coming up with ideas but amenifikisha point I now have my own wings I can fly on my own and I don't take that for granted."

When she was asked what she loved the most about her husband, the mother of one was quick to answer how she admired his leadership role.

"Oliver is a good leader in every aspect be it family, spiritual, parenting, career, or hard work hizo vitu zote anakuambia kitu kenye yeye anafanya he is a very good leader sana. A very good dad and every role that God has given him he is acing it."

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