Anita Nderu showcases her love for Gengeton band Wakadinali

Piece by: ZENNA ISSA

•Anita Nderu is an award-winning media personality, host for # the overdressed cook, a radio/TV presenter, content creator, mother and a social impact advocate.

Anita Nderu
Image: Instagram

In an exclusive quickfire section with Mpasho journalist Kalondu Musyimi, Anita Nderu showcased her love for Wakadinali.

The two had an interesting quickfire session in which Kalondu further made fun of herself by singing some wrong lyrics. 

Below is how their quickfire session went on. 

Kalondu: What is your favourite drink?

Anita: It depends on the occasion, it is normally Johnny Walker Gold or Jonny Walker Green depending on what I'm up to on that day.

Kalondu: Anita, do you have a nickname?

Anita: They call me Dorry.

Kalondu: What is your biggest life regret?

Anita: I tend to overthink where at times it just needs you to be present and enjoy the moment.

Kalondu: What is one thing you learned about friends?

Anita: The grass is greener where you water it, so be good to your friends they'll be good to you.

Kalondu: What item do you regret spending money on?

Anita: These experiences that I would have said no to.

Kalondu: Who is your favourite content creator?

Anita: They are very many but 90% of them are Kenyan.

Kalondu: Favourite Kenyan TV program and TV movie or series?

Anita: Every show that Sara Hassan is on.

Kalondu: Give me some relationship advice

Anita: Seek peace, for when you are peaceful in a relationship you are at a perfect place.

Kalondu: What dish do you cook?

Anita: I recently learned to make pilau, and it is safe to say I nailed it, that's the dish I want to perfect. If I can make chapati, pilau and ugali I'll be happy.

Kalondu: What other dish do you wish to know how to cook other than pilau, chapati and ugali?

Anita: Those are the three I don't know how to make, but if I can figure out terere, managu and I do it nicely. One of my favourite dishes is ugali nyama and greens and if I can get that combination well put together the way you buy it from the locals I'll be happy.

Kalondu: What got you in trouble as a child?

Anita: I was very sporty so I was also riding my bike somewhere, running off to someone, climbing a tree somewhere, or climbing a tower somewhere so I was always doing something tomboyish and I'll always left with an injury, when you see me my legs were covered in injuries 

Kalondu: What is one thing when it comes to fashion that you love whether it is in the 1990's or 2020's?

Anita: Just go extra you'd rather be overdressed than under dressed.

Kalondu: What are you currently doing?

Anita: Being a brand for Johnny Walker I've been a part of their family for the longest time, I'm also a digital content creator...I am trying to be the best version of myself so that when my kid is grown up she'll want to be around.  

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