Presenter Ali issues surprising answer about Andrew Kibe's YouTube channel being terminated


• Ali and Kibe have had issues in the past.

Presenter Ali
Image: Instagram

Famous YouTuber Presenter Ali has said that he really felt sorry for Andrew Kibe who's YouTube Channel was terminated a few days ago.

Kibe's channel was terminated due to some policies that YouTube claims that were not followed by the YouTuber.

This drew so much attention among the netizens, celebrities, and his fellow content creators.

Ali spoke during an interview with Mpasho's entertainment journalist Kalondu Musymi, that he knows how much effort someone puts into a channel for it to grow and also be known.

Kalondu: "What was your reaction  about Kibe's channel being terminated?"

Presenter Ali: "I felt so sorry for him because I know he put so much work into it and time, money, and resources. But I wouldn't wish that on anyone."

He says that he wouldn't wish this on anyone even his enemy for this is a big loss. There are some other creatives who commented on the same issue; others sympathized with Kibe like Ali while others celebrated the downfall of the creator.

Watch the video below;

Ali and Kibe have had issues in the past. It all started after Kibe made a video on his YouTube page criticizing Ali for buying his wife a new car.

Ali was sure not happy with the video and in reaction went to Kibe's inbox where he warned him about involving him in his content, something Kibe did not take lightly, as he made another video firing at Ali.

The father of one threatened Kibe about his YouTube channel and warned him about mentioning Ali or his wife on his livestreams.

Ali went ahead to release a song dissing him and called Kibe a Ben 10.

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