Moji Shortbabaa's least favourite thing about his wife will melt your heart

Piece by: ZENNA ISSA

• The singer is a Kenyan gospel musician and a former member of Kelele Takatifu.

Moji Shortbabaa with his wife Nyawira Gachugi on their wedding day
Image: Instagram

Yesterday at the Love Nairobi Fest press conference, James Muhia famously known as Moji Shortbabaa revealed a lot during a quickfire interview with Mpasho journalist Kalondu Musyimi.

So lets get straight into it below;

Kalondu: Who's the person who melts your heart?

Moji: It has to be my wife.

Kalondu: What's your favourite thing about your wife?

Moji: Because she is the person who melts my heart all the time.

Kalondu: Who is your favourite person in the bible?

Moji: My favourite person in the bible has to be King David

Kalondu: When you are praying, what have you been asking God for?

Moji: I've been asking God to grow my hair back, but seriously it is for God to expand my territory

Kalondu: Which person in the bible seems complicated?

Moji: It has to be Jonah, mbona utumwe na ukatae hehehehe!

Kalondu: If you were to be a person in the bible, which person would you be?

Moji: I'll definitely have to be the person who helped Jesus carry the cross.

Kalondu: Githeri ama pilau

Moji: Zinaweza changanywa?

Kalondu: Ni kitu gani huwezi kosa kudo?

Moji: Kitu sitakosa kudo ni kutumia avocado ikiwa in season.

Kalondu: Are you good at accents?

Moji: Kidogo tu(In a Kisii accent) jana nilikula chakula bila cumbi...

Kalondu: Do you have a skincare routine

Moji: Yes I have a skincare routine, ni kuoga tu kila siku.

Kalondu: How tall are you Moji

Moji: I am tall enough hehehe!!!

Kalondu: What's the least favourite thing about your wife?

Moji: Why did she decide to come later where were you all my life?

Moji: Kalondu what  is your favourite food

Kalondu: It's minji

Moji: Are you married

Kalondu: No I'm not I am very single please pray for me I need prayers and fasting and everything

Moji: What are you looking for?

Kalondu: A christian.

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