The band gives us an insight into their financial affairs.

Wanavokali reveal how they spent 10 million they won in South Africa


• Wanavokali group shares that for them any money they come across in competitions is reinvested in their music as away to ensure they never go broke

Image: Instagram

In an exclusive interview with Mpasho journalist, Ashley Otieno, Wanavokali shared how they use money that they win or earn as a group.

The group was part of the Old Mutual's Amazing competition and made it to the finals in South Africa where they bagged the Sh10M cash prize.

As a group of six members most people assume that they would just divide the money among themselves and that is it but that's not the case.

" We invested the money in music and in money markets and then we divided the rest of the money among ourselves"

They said this money is what helped them to do the production of Wanavokali which is their first album and also the song Rhumba.

"fun fact is most of our songs now have been shot and produced using that money we invested even Hawataweza that is the latest is a product of that money"

The young band members said that the money is reinvested each time and so its like it just keeps on growing and growing for other projects.

"The reality of the industry is that its tough and things happen but since we do everything by ourselves ,we work, we do live shows earn money and invest it in our music"

When asked whether they now have to use their own personal work money, to chip in into their music projects, they said it is something that is compulsary.

"One good thing we did as wanavokali is deciding that any money we earn from gigs from our personal employments, we chip in a certain percent like 20 percent of it to go back into the kitty so that we are also protected individually"

To them they believe it is important to cushion yourself financially as an artist, a creative and have good financial knowledge to protect yourself from going broke.

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