Cassypool's Comedy Roast: 2mbili's BMW Buffed on the Outside, Chicken Coop on the Inside!

Why online commentator Cassypool is beefing with 2mbili

Piece by: PAUL AMUKO

• Online commentator Cassypool delved into the root cause of the scuffles between him and comedian turned online creator 2mbili 

• Cassy pool sheds light on the clash of egos, the viral content they create, and the possessiveness that led to the rift.

2Mbili & Cassy pool
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Renowned online commentator Cassypool delved into the root cause of the scuffles between him and comedian turned online creator 2mbili In a candid interview with Mpasho.

The internet has been buzzing with their heated exchanges, Cassy Pool sheds light on the clash of egos, the viral content they create, and the possessiveness that led to the rift.

Viral Content Synergy

Cassypool started the interview by acknowledging how he got to know 2mbili through a mutual friend, and they collaborated on a couple of projects together.

''2mbili nilimjua kupitia kwa rafiki yangu mmoja, tukafanya naye kazi mbili kila kitu unafanya na tumbili inakula upepo, kwa sababu mapepo zetu zinsikizana, anthing tufanya, tunaongea inaenda babu.''

He emphasized that whenever they worked together, the content seemed to take the internet by storm.

Both of them share a similar sense of humor and style, leading to an explosive combination that caught the attention of online audiences.

A Tale of Possessiveness:

According to Cassypool, 2mbili developed a possessive streak, seemingly convinced that he had some sort of ownership over Cassy pool's success.

The comedic genius couldn't help but poke fun at 2mbili's misguided perception, likening him to an overenthusiastic child who hadn't yet grasped the concept of individuality

''2mbili alihisi kwamba ananimiliki, 2mbili alihisi kwamba mimi anaweza nicontroll na hutu tupesa twake tudogo tudogo anaanza kunicontrol nika mwambia babu mimi hizi pesa ni chicken change.''

According to Cassypool, this possessiveness stemmed from a desire to control him and his actions, which eventually created friction between the two.

Cassy pool's Helping Hand:

Cassy pool didn't shy away from acknowledging the impact he had on 2mbili's career.

He stated that he had supported 2mbili by promoting his content and generating substantial views for him.

''So 2mbili ni mtoto tu mpumbavu ambaye hajielewi sio mtu ambaye naeza muongelea, ni mtu mdogo nimemsaidia views zangu zimemununulia gari baas maisha yake inaeendelea.''

This backing even led to 2mbili purchasing a car, which, as Cassypool described, turned out to be a lackluster vehicle with a questionable interior.

Despite the differences, Cassy pool was quick to highlight that he never lied about the car's situation and remained truthful in his assessments.

2Mbili's BMW
Image: Innstagram

The BMW Review: Buffed on the Outside, Chicken Coop Inside:

When it comes to 2mbili's shiny  BMW, Cassypool didn't hold back. He hilariously revealed that the car was a bit of a facade,  buffed to perfection on the outside, but the interior had seen better days. 

''Na  mimi huwa sisemi uongo, ndani ile interior inafaa kupewa kuku walale ndani ama mbuzi ama mbwa, kwa sababu mimi nimekaa kunguni pekee yake wenye wako kwa hiyo gari ni too much''

He humorously described it as a vehicle that looked more suitable for accommodating chickens, goats, or even dogs rather than a human.

Cassypool seemingly unimpressed, confronted 2mbili about the condition of the car and advised him to either invest in necessary repairs or purchase a new one altogether.

''Gari enyewe ni mzee tulikuwa tumepanda hIi gari kidogo ituue na ndani ya gari amebeba jerrycan mbili za 20 litres each.''

To add to the comedic chaos, Cassypool playfully disclosed that 2mbili's car was always accompanied by two jerrycans, each filled with 20 liters of water for  always overheating .

Cassy Pool
Image: Instagram

Background Development: The Road to Rivalry:

The scuffles and online outbursts between Cassypool and 2mbili have been a result of their relentless pursuit of comedic dominance.

Each one trying to outwit the other with sarcasm and humorous comebacks, they inadvertently triggered a laughter-fueled rivalry that only intensified with time.

Cassypool made it clear that he had no intention of backing down and was focused on his journey, staying determined to rise above the drama.

''Ni mtu ambaye 24/7 anataka vita na mimi na akitaka nampa, hata bibilia inasema ufalme wa mungu unachukuliwa kwa vita.''

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