Sk8city Ambassadors Embrace Kenya's Thrilling Roller Skating Trend!

Ajib Gathoni and digital creator June Claire open up about their new found hobby

Piece by: PAUL AMUKO

β€’ Socialite Ajib Gathoni and Digital creator June Claire through a candid interview with Mpasho explained why they are super excited about their new found hobby

Ajib Gathoni & June Claire
Image: Instagram

Content Creators Ajib Gathoni and June Claire through a candid interview with Mpasho have explained why they are super excited about their newfound hobby

Roller skating, once a distant dream for enthusiasts in Kenya, has now become a thrilling reality with the advent of Sk8city, the country's first roller rink.

For Ajib Gathoni and June Claire, both Sk8city ambassadors, the introduction of this exciting new establishment has kindled a newfound passion for skating and opened up a world of exhilarating experiences.

Sk8city Nairobi Rink
Image: JB Formative

Embracing the Unknown: From Fear to Fascination

June reminisces, "At first, I was afraid. But on the launch day, we stepped onto the rink, and from that moment, we were hooked. The atmosphere and support at Sk8city encouraged us to keep coming back, and now it's become a genuine interest for us."

Ajib echoes June's sentiment, admitting that prior to Sk8city, she harbored a desire to learn how to skate but lacked the appropriate platform to do so. 

"I had always wanted to skate, but there were no such establishments in Kenya. Skating on the streets without proper guidance seemed daunting. you can’t just go buy skates from nowhere and start skating in the streets.''

She Vehemently added

''I have seen skaters at Aga khan walk but for me its not something i would opt to do huko kwa barabara for a first timer when i don't know the basics, i don’t know how to put my legs . However, once Sk8city came into the picture, i saw an opportunity to learn and enjoy the experience because there is room and vibe to back it up.''

An Enthralling Hobby Worth Recommending

Having become fully immersed in the world of roller skating, Ajib and June can't contain their excitement when talking about their newfound hobby.

Both agree that it's a far cry from what they initially imagined, but the thrill and joy it brings have made them wholeheartedly recommend it to others.

"Skating is a truly fun hobby," exclaims June.

''I used to see it on movies and am like ayee these people really look nice doing it, but never thought i would like to do it, but when i came to work here and found out we are going to do this i was like okay, its not bad i have tried it myself, and i don’t regret falling down, because i fell down so many times (giggles) that's how you learn.''

June adds with a smile, "It's an experience I never thought I'd embrace, but now, I can't imagine my days without it. Skating has become an exciting addition to my hobby list. It's not just about the physical aspect; it's also about the positive vibe and sense of accomplishment it brings."

A Unique Opportunity and Vibrant Community

Beyond being ardent skaters, Ajib and June are proud ambassadors for Sk8city. The roller rink has not only ignited their personal passion for skating but has also presented them with opportunities they never imagined.

With the recent inclusion of two foreign skaters from Chicago and Canada for Sk8city's launch, the rink has become a hub of cultural exchange and learning.

Ajib expresses her amazement, saying, "Having people from different parts of the world right here in Kenya, all brought together by skating, is something I never thought possible. It's not just about the sport; it's about connecting with like-minded individuals and building a vibrant community."

Skating: A Journey from Fear to Fun

Sk8city has transformed Kenya's perception of skating, turning it from an intimidating activity into an exhilarating pastime.

As Agib Gathoni and June Claire continue their journey as ambassadors, they inspire others to embrace this thrilling hobby.  

So, whether you're a first-timer or an experienced skater looking for an adrenaline rush, Sk8city welcomes all to discover the joy of gliding on wheels

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