He is a face that has recently become quite popular on the socials.

Dr Cassypool finally explains how he makes his money [Video]


• Cassypool shares with us the many hats he wears in the work force.

Kevin Odhiambo Onyango popularly known as Dr Cassypool
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In an interview with Mpasho Journalist, Dennis Milimo, we got to know about the many careers that Cassypool holds.

The man likes to address himself by the title Dr but unknown to many he is not a trained doctor. He adopted the name out of the aspiration of becoming a Dr when he was growing up.

"Nilikua na ndoto ya kua daktari kwa hivyo nikajipa hilo jina, lakini pia kuna vile nimesomea udaktari lakini huezi jua, izi ni mambo za ndani"

His real names are Kevin Onyango Odhiambo but he doesn't like to be referred to by that name at all and he feels he is too old for it.

The father of many says that most people see him on online shows, Tvs, and debates but he does quite a lot in the background.

"Mimi ni mwanabiashara , nilianza na car hire apo Norwich House CBD, then I moved to properties and then to entertainment.

The businessman also shared that into joining the entertainment industry he became an actor and one of the producers for some online short skits and shows.

"Mimi nisipo rubber stamp kipindi chako hakitatoka, ni mimi nilishughulikia vipindi vya Eddie Butita na YY comedian"

His reason for starring and working with some of these skits and comedians is to show the young and upcoming talents that they can also do it.

"Mimi ni mwanamuziki, mwandishi wa muziki na hata kudirect videos ni kazi pia ninayoifanya both kwa muziki na acting"

Even still in the entertainment industry, he continues with his other businesses and also supplies the government through tenders.

"Mimi ni broker naeza waunganisha na kabla hujajua munanipa yangu ya kuwaunganisha kwa hivyo i do all sorts of things"

The man with many hats says that he always lives according to his means, not extravagantly and not poorly but the little he gets he always remembers to thank God.

Above all things, he seems to manage well amidst all his responsibilities and still stay relevant on the social media streets.