Sam west defends Dennis Ombachi after KOT backlash

• Sam West says it is not wrong to show a child affection.

• As long as the intention is not sexual in nature.

Sam West.
Image: Instagram/Sam West

Days ago TitToker Dennis Ombachi was trending.

This was after video of him pecking his toddler son on the lips went viral online.

Many argued that it is not right for him to do so, adding that boys should be brought up in a macho way.

In an interview with Motivational speaker Sam West, he shared his opinion on how much is too much affection for your child.

Sam is a dad to a son.

" Different cultures have different ways of showing affection.

If the gesture is genuine and sincere I do not see a problem with it. Different cultures have different beliefs.

Some things are normal in some reactions.  The reason he was being bashed is that such gestures are not normalized in Kenya.

My advice to parents is, if the intention is pure and not sexualized, you can show your child affection in different ways."

Ombachi who is currently in Moscow with his son had taken to his socials to share a glimpse of their trip with his fans.

He also attached some photos taken during the vacation, and that is when everything went haywire.

Some Netizens couldn't fathom how a father could show his son such affection (pecking on the lips).

Many argued he would ave rather kissed him on the forehead instead.

Weeks ago a Kenyan man based in the US trended after a video of him carrying his grown-up daughter on his daughter emerged.

The loving dad let his daughter identified as Gracie jump on his back and enjoy a piggyback ride despite protests of being embarrassed.

In most African setups most parents are not ok with hugging, pecking, or even affirming their kids.

For them providing for the kids, is proof enough that they love them.

That is why most Kenyans attacked Ombachi over what they termed as 'not okay' behaviour

How do you show your child affection?

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