How Mistriii linked up with Rick Ross for 'Amiliona'

How Kenyan rapper Mistriii landed golden collabo with Rick Ross

Piece by: PAUL AMUKO

• Kenyan upcoming artist Mistriii, recently set the music industry abuzz with her collaboration alongside American rap icon Rick Ross

• She unveils her journey from a renowned ghostwriter to a budding artist with a sensational collaboration

Mistriii & Rick Ross
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Kenyan upcoming artist Mistriii, known for her exceptional songwriting and production skills, recently set the music industry abuzz with her collaboration alongside American rap icon Rick Ross on the hit Afrobeat track "Amiliona."

Unveiling her journey from a renowned ghostwriter to a budding artist with a sensational collaboration, Mistriii opened up about her experience in a candid interview

Mistriii's musical voyage began as a sought-after songwriter, under the pen name Suzzy Hits, penning lyrics for artists across different countries.

''I don’t know how big they are but I have written for people in canada in dubai, there is platform called sound better that i am a part of so that's where i get my clients from, the thing about me is that i can write anything probably the only genre that  i can’t write is like heavy metal.''

Her versatile talent saw her craft songs for prominent artists like Pryshon, whose Kenyan hit "Usiku na Mchana" became a sensation.

From Canada to Dubai, Mistriii's prowess transcended borders, attracting clients from various corners of the world through platforms like SoundBetter.

However, it was during the pandemic in 2020 that Mistriii decided to explore her own artistry and venture into singing.

Rick Ross
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Her debut track, "Sometimes," a heartfelt alternative pop song, marked the beginning of her solo journey.

While exploring various genres, Mistriii realized her affinity for Afrobeat, and the decision to immerse herself in this genre became her defining moment.

"Amiliona," featuring Rick Ross, became her second release and a true turning point. Mistriii's unique sound and contagious energy captivated one of her clients, who turned out to be affiliated with Rick Ross' camp.

With an opportunity to share some of her beats, Mistriii caught Rick Ross' attention, leading to the extraordinary collaboration.

''One of my clients that I was writing for didn’t know they were actually in Rick Ross’s camp. He is a rapper so i did a hook for him, and i was giving him some pointers on how to improve the production, then he asked me if am a producer. Told him yeah, he asked if could share some of my beats, and that's literally how Rick Ross got the beat, he laid the verse and pretty much the rest is history.''

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Though the two artists haven't met in person, their collaboration speaks volumes about the power of musical connections in the digital age.

For Mistriii, having Rick Ross lay down a verse on her track was an indescribable honor, propelling her to embrace the challenge of promoting her music and proving her mettle.

As an independent artist, Mistriii is determined to make her mark in the competitive music industry. Rick Ross' association with the track undoubtedly elevates her profile, but she remains committed to showcasing her talent and making her own way.

However, Mistriii acknowledges that such collaborations come with a cost. While she retains the rights and licenses to her music, Rick Ross' affiliation demands a percentage, a small price for the added credibility and exposure he brings to the table.

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As the "Amiliona" lyric video garners attention on YouTube, Mistriii's focus is on creating a buzz through platforms like TikTok, aiming to spark a viral challenge.

The hope of a possible official music video featuring Rick Ross rests on the track's trajectory and reception.

Addressing speculations about the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the collaboration, Mistriii confidently clarifies that the verse is indeed Rick Ross' own work, with no involvement of AI.

Her meticulous engineering and dedication to her craft reflect in the track's seamless delivery.

With her distinct sound, relentless determination, and a remarkable collaboration with Rick Ross, Mistriii's star is undoubtedly on the rise.

As she embraces the challenge of making her mark, her story becomes an inspiring tale of seizing opportunities and stepping into the spotlight, demonstrating that dreams can turn into reality with hard work and unwavering passion.

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