Eric Omondi explains the secret behind people throwing inner wear at him during Uganda show

Piece by: Moses Sagwe

β€’ He said that the event was among his content that he had planned to do that day.

Eric Omondi
Image: Instagram

Comedian Eric Omondi for the first time has spoken about the embarrassing incident that happened to him while he was performing in Uganda at the Comedy Store concert which was attended by many people including the artist Diamond Platnumz.

In a telephone interview with this writer, Omondi acknowledged the claims of some people on the internet that it was an event he had organized himself.

The comedian who has turned into an activist said that although he arranged for the people in certain parts of the hall to throw underwear at him, he did not pay them to do so.

He said that the event was one of the things he had planned to do that day and he thanked God that it bore fruit as he had planned.

β€œNi kweli si hiyo ndio kazi yangu. Sikuwalipa si hiyo klipu iko. Si unajua Erick Omondi ni mchekeshaji. Hiyo ndio joke. Watu hawakuelewa hiyo joke. Ilikuwa ndio ukitaka kujua kama msanii anapendwa, lazima atupiwe chupi na sidiria. Mimi nilikuwa nimeambia umati hivyo kwamba nimekuja na chupi na sidiria zangu, nataka kuwapatia mnitupie,”  Omondi said.

The comedian said that the show was a huge success and revealed that it had a crowd of 15 thousand people who attended.

Earlier in the series of interviews, Omondi revealed that he plans to enter politics to get a bigger chance to continue his movement to fight for the people in the country.

He also said that in Uganda he could not make his begging contribution which he dubbed the 'Woiyee tour' because he arrived late to the show.

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