How Kahush came up with title 'Uptown Chokora' for his fascinating new album

The artiste disclosed that he had worked with some industry heavyhitters on the album


• The musician just recently released his new album and shared the journey behind the making of his new album.

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Popular musician Kahush recently jetted back to the country and we caught up with him during the listening party for his album to get to know what he has been up to.

He spoke about his new album 'Uptown Chokora' and the creative process behind it is quite different from his usual music that he puts out.

"I know I have been away for a while but I am back with quality music and the good stuff, I have just been working on the music."

He attributes the title of the album to the dual nature of a human being and trying to show both sides of a person.

"This album tries to focus on a duality on one side of a person and the other side of a person, as I believe that people have more than one sides to them."

The young man believes that one can have fun also at the same time while going through that dual phase as there are more sides to a person.

He also  revealed that he had done some amazing collabos to be able to give the music a different feel of both hip hop and afro soul to his fans.

"I have collaborated with Nessy on the song Energy that is one of my favourite songs and I can say she is a very elegant lady with a beautiful voice."

The musician revealed that apart from Nessy he has also worked with Boutross, Korb and Breeder on his album.

When asked about his favourite songs in the album he said that he had some three tracks that he loved so much.

"Right now as we speak , my favourites are Chama, Sue Me and Energy...Chama and Sue Me were produced by my good brothers and those songs have deep meaning behind them."

Watch the video below;

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