Dedicated Fena Gitu took a whole year to write deeply personal song, 'Spirit'

She launched the new album last week at Alchemist.


• The rapper shared with the public, the journey behind the making of her new album and what it took to get some of the songs.

Fena Gitu
Image: Instagram

Fena Gitu launched her new album last week and in an interview with Mpasho journalist, Hannie Petra, talked about the making of her album.

The musician says the title had been inspired by self-love that she had come to realize over the years its importance so it's like finding love at last.

"But then I had to twist it over time because music is art, life is art and then lust because of seduction, and generally it's inspired by my love life, Nairobi dating life."

Fena says that for her this album it was a testament to her growth as an artist and she enjoys singing so much more than rapping and that has shown in the album.

"I am a musician, I am supposed to be able to be versatile, and with this album, I am very concise, and with the sounds as much as they sound the same they are different."

To her all the songs in the album are equal but her most favourite are 'Let me go', 'Ankulapo', and 'Sina Bae'.

She says she loves all of them and that each and every one of them has meaning and it reaches out to a particular audience.

Just like any other artist, songwriting, and album-making is not an easy task, and the talented singer, also underwent the same struggles.

"Spirit took me a year to write and I had to dig deep it's a very sorrowful song, and also for letting me go I really cried when I wrote that song."

Fena says she began working on the album for the past 3 years since her last album was released in 2019.

"I have been writing, rerecording, redoing the music, kuna zingine I have done 3 times so I don't like rushing as I am a perfectionist and not on anyone's clock."

Fena also revealed that she has been part of coaching and mentoring some artists and she also provides them with her resources to use.

She says that she hopes to mentor more people over time and maybe when she just has the right resources she can sign people to her brand.

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