16 Things you didn't know about Hunk actor Peter Kamau (Video)

Peter Kamau is a face that is quite popular on most Kenyan programs and series.


• Mpasho caught up with Peter Kamau and subjected him to some quick fire questions.

Peter Kamau

We caught up with Peter Kamau during the launch of faithless series that airs on Showmax and we put him to a quick fire question session.

These are the questions we asked him and this were his responses:

What was the last thing you googled?


What was your first job?

My first job was acting at Kenya National Theatre , then I transitioned to becoming a chef then I came back to acting and I have done radio and Tv also.

What's your favorite dish to cook?

Mexican rice and chicken breast.

Who do you text the most?

My best friend.

Who is your hero?

My mum.

What's your favourite type of music?

I love hip-hop and Rnb.

What's your nickname?

P.K or Pete.

What's something that never fails to make you laugh?

Something funny, videos on TikTok and Youtube 

What quote do you resonate the most with?

...umm woww

What did you wish you learnt sooner?

Financial literacy.

What's the key to living a good life?

A day at a time, no pressure.

What's the kindest thing someone has ever done to you?

I am blown away by small gestures, the occasional hey I am calling to check up on you.

Whose death hit you the most?

My dad

How tall are you


What did you get in your KCSE?

I scored a B minus.

What's your current weight?

Somewhere between 73 and 75.

Peter Kamau plays the role of lead detective in the new series that airs on Showmax as from the 6th of July.

He has acted in quite a number of Tv programs from Selina where most people know him as he acted as Biko.

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