Traits that made Sharon Mwangi fall for Kagwe Mungai

The pair stunned social media with a cute video of the two introducing them as a couple early in the year.


• Content creator Sharon Mwangi and Musician Kagwe Mungai came out as a couple to people's surprise early in the year.

kagwe mungai and sharon mwangi courtesy instagram
kagwe mungai and sharon mwangi courtesy instagram

Mpasho writer Hannie Petra recently spoke to Kagwe Mungai's girlfriend Sharon Mwangi at the launch of his album, Rada.

Sharon opened up about their budding relationship which has only come to light in the past two months.

The chocolate-skinned lady says that she and Kagwe Mungai have been friends for quite a while and they have known each other as creatives in the industry.

Just from the many conversations they kept on having they got to know each other and they both saw that this was something that could work.

Sharon says that she just likes someone with a nice face but also beyond the nice face, Kagwe was smart, well put together, and had brains.

"We never really planned on how and when we would announce our relationship to the public, we just saw it as the right moment to do it after having countless conversations about it."

The content creator says that they had reassured each other about it and were both feeling like it was okay to now do it.

"The elevator video we saw it somewhere and were like let's recreate it so every time we popped into an elevator we would take those little cute videos and I compiled it into the video you saw and I shared with it had been there for a while."

Sharon admitted that they only really posted the video for fun and never expected it to blow up that much.

"One thing I like about him is how hard he works and I have never been with an artist before and watching him come up with this song and album was just wow for me."

She also said that she liked a man with ambition, drive, and who went after the things he liked.

However, his being hardworking is a bit of a strain and a double-edged sword as at times they don't get to see each other as much when he has a project.

Sharon finished by saying that what she really loves about him was that he channels all his experiences into what he loves and into his music.

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