Mpasho Spotlight: Meet Aamb, the bookworm guitarist who finds solace in chaos

''I inadvertently pick up random people's voices and assign them the characters present in the book at that moment.'' Aamb

Piece by: PAUL AMUKO

• In a world where distractions abound, finding focus can be a challenge.

• There are individuals like Aamb who have mastered the art of immersing themselves in the written word, even in the most chaotic environments.

Image: Instagram

 Aamb, a talented guitarist has  mastered the art of immersing themselves in written word, even in the most chaotic environments.

His recent appearance at Nviiri's album launch caught the attention of many, not for the music or the festivities, but for his unexpected companion—a novel.

Aamb, real name undisclosed, is known for his musical prowess in acoustic performances.

However, it is his ability to concentrate on reading in bustling surroundings that has sparked curiosity among those who witnessed his unique approach.

Aamb's affinity for reading has become a defining characteristic, as he carries a book with him wherever he goes, even to unexpected places like music events.

Through an interview with Mpasho, Aamb shed light on his reading habits and shared insights into his experience at Nviiri's album launch.

He confessed that reading in lively environments has been a long-standing practice for him. With a variety of books at hand, including novels, comic books, manga, and self-help literature, Aamb can easily block out distractions and dive into the pages before him.

''I really enjoy reading, hence I am able to tune out everything else. I also like experimenting with reading outside as different places with different people give university que atmospheres which, for me, enhances the reading experience.''

Surprisingly, Aamb encountered minimal challenges while reading at the event. Finding a well-lit spot was all it took for him to immerse himself in the captivating narratives of the book.

Although some onlookers found it unusual, others saw it as an opportunity for engaging in conversations about literature, recommending books, and sharing their own thoughts and reviews.

For Aamb, reading at a music event is not about complementing the experience or seeking attention; it is a personal sanctuary that transports him into the depths of storytelling.

As both a lyricist and a guitarist, he finds inspiration in reading books with multiple characters, assigning voices from the surrounding environment to each persona in the story, creating a unique and immersive reading experience.

Ivy Nduta & Aamb
Image: Instagram

''I find reading any book that has multiple characters good. I inadvertently pick up random people's voices and assign them to the characters present in the book at that moment. Makes it more interesting.''

Aamb's presence at Nviiri's album launch has left many pondering the delicate balance between chaos and concentration.

While the event may not have been his primary focus, it became a backdrop for him to indulge in the enchanting world of literature.

Aamb's extraordinary ability to find solace in the midst of noise and excitement serves as a reminder that even in the most bustling environments, there is always room for reflection and connection with the written word.

As Aamb continues his musical journey and explores the depths of literature, his presence at events like Nviiri's album launch offers a fascinating glimpse into the harmonious coexistence of music and literature, creating a unique experience that is bound to captivate the minds of curious onlookers.

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