How Njugush chooses what brands to work with

''1st i asks myself is that something that my audience is going to use?''

Piece by: PAUL AMUKO

• Alongside his content creation, Njugush has ventured into brand collaborations and endorsements

• When it comes to deciding which brands to work with, Njugush follows a thoughtful process. 

Blessed Njugush
Image: Instagram / Blessed Njugush

Kenyan comedian and content creator, Njugush, is widely known for his hilarious skits and relatable humor. However, there's more to Njugush than just entertainment.

Alongside his content creation, he has ventured into brand collaborations and endorsements, carefully selecting partnerships that align with his values and resonate with his audience.

When it comes to deciding which brands to work with, Njugush follows a thoughtful process. His first consideration is whether the product or service is something that his audience will genuinely use.

Understanding his audience's preferences and needs is crucial for him, as he aims to create meaningful connections and leave a lasting impact. By choosing endorsements that are relevant to his followers, he ensures that the brands he promotes serve a purpose and provide value.

Furthermore, Njugush emphasizes the importance of safety in the endorsements he pursues. He wants to ensure that the products he endorses are not only entertaining but also beneficial and trustworthy.

''1st I asks myself is that something that my audience is going to use, 2nd is it something safe because at the end of the day sitaki tu kufurahisha wasee, at the end of the day i want to leave an impact.''

By prioritizing safety, he safeguards the trust his audience has placed in him as a brand. He aims to leave a positive impression, so that individuals may later attribute the product or service to his endorsement, further enhancing the holistic impact of his collaborations.

While some endorsements may not directly align with his personal usage, Njugush acknowledges their relevance to specific segments of his audience. For instance, endorsing sanitary pads, a product he doesn't personally use, may be essential for schoolgirls or women in need.

In such cases, Njugush conducts thorough research to understand the product, seeking advice from health practitioners and addressing any concerns he may have. This diligent approach allows him to ensure that even endorsements for products he may not use personally meet the needs and expectations of his audience.

''For example I get  A health practitioner to analyze it  see if there issues around it and answer the questions i have about the product.''

Blessed Njugush
Image: Instagram

By carefully selecting brand collaborations, Njugush ensures that the partnerships he engages in are authentic and resonate with his content and values.

He understands that the products he endorses should not be a hard sell but rather naturally align with his persona. This approach enables him to maintain the trust he has built with his audience over time, as they recognize his genuine interest in their well-being.

 ''Again as a brand whatever you are pushing, does it suit you, is it going to be a hard sell, if it is a hard sell then you will find yourself doing doing more than you should.''

In conclusion, Njugush's approach to brand collaborations revolves around two primary factors: the usefulness to his audience and the overall impact he can create.

By considering these elements, he creates meaningful partnerships that go beyond content creation and entertainment.

Njugush's discerning approach to endorsements reflects his commitment to providing value and ensuring that the products and services he promotes are not only entertaining but also genuinely beneficial to his followers.

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