Meet Masaki Samwel the handsome politician captivating Kenyans

''People have their own expectations they don’t mind whether you are married or not, that is not their problem.'' Masaki Samwel.

Piece by: PAUL AMUKO

• Hon. Masaki is not only captivating the political arena but also winning the admiration of many for his striking looks. 

• Hon. Masaki explains how he manages the challenges that come with trending as one of Kenya's most attractive celebrities.

Hon. Masaki Samwel
Image: Instagram / Hon. Masaki Samwel

Hon. Masaki Samwel, has not only captured the attention of the public with his dedication to youth empowerment and political advocacy but has also become a social media sensation for his striking looks. As he garners admirers for his charm and charisma, Masaki continues to make waves in both the political and digital spheres.

Through an exclusive interview with Mpasho Masaki opened up about his multifaceted life , from his academic achievements, political journey to his entrepreneurial pursuits, he also explains how he manages the challenges that come with trending as one of Kenya's most attractive celebrities.

He started politics in 2013 he joined URP youth room, they supported the formation of the government in 2013 to 2017, he was working under TNA. In 2013 he actively participated in the electoral process and contested for the member of parliament Embakasi south, he was number 3 and he got about 5000 votes

''Then we were under the jubilee party, but i resigned in 2019, what we had planned to achieve was not possible because of the handshake government also because being a youth and i wasn’t given a position or a ticket to vie i felt very agitated and disappointed so i resigned from the party and joined PDR which later came to change to UDA, and that is how his journey to politics has been.''

A testament to hard work and determination:

''My journey has not been easy i come from a very humble background from a family of 5 five 2 boys 3 girls, being the first born son I had a lot of responsibilities the whole family looked up to me in terms of what i was able to achieve  i was the role model of the family.''

He noted that it wasn't easy but through determination hard work confidence and the zeal he has been able to get the level where he is.

Hon. Masaki Samwel
Image: Instagram

A politician's unexpected popularity:

His reaction to him trending on Tik Tok as one of the handsome celebrities was that he doesn’t like having himself so much reserved about life, he likes to put himself out there, his life out there and also enjoy it, engage his fans and inspire other people that it is possible,

Masaki's answer to how he feels about ladies admiring him for his looks was ''I leave all that to God because He is the one who creates and i did not apply to be created this way so i can only appreciate, and i am happy, i love my fans friends and social media fans.''

While Masaki Samwel's  popularity has transcended traditional political spheres. He has gained a significant following on social media platforms, particularly TikTok.

As one of Kenya's most handsome politicians, his growing fan base applauds him not only for his political acumen but also for his captivating looks.

Hon. Masake Samwel
Image: Instagram

Utilizing social media as a tool for influence:

Masaki understands the power of social media in shaping public opinion and connecting with the electorate, particularly the youth.

By embracing platforms like TikTok, he not only showcases his charming personality but also utilizes his popularity to advocate for change and engage with his followers on pertinent issues.

His social media fans always reach out when it comes to matters of the government where they don’t understand, he also tries to reach out with government opportunities that are there, according to him it is a very symbiotic relationship with the fans

Navigating challenges with grace:

As with any public figure, Masaki faces challenges that come with his rising popularity. Despite receiving numerous attention and admiration from fans, he remains grounded and focused on his responsibilities as a politician.

About his wife’s reaction to the ladies he said, ''Of course there is a lot of challenges, but when you decide to get married to a politician, you have to be very strong, because there are people who try to take their shots out there so i try to manage expectations and also try not to hurt the people i love.''

He said he already spoke to her wife about this and she understands, they have been together for the last 7 years,

''She understands and she is ready for this journey, i asked when we started, will you be comfortable with all this, she is okay''

Masaki said that as long as they trust one another they keep up to their expectations to one another then they move forward.

He however noted that his DM is messy ''People have their own expectations they don’t mind whether you are married or not, that is not their problem, they just want to get at you, but as a leader I have learnt to navigate through that.'' He said he has to BE very very focused because if he doesn’t he can easily be distracted, there are so many beautiful ladies out there.

His commitment to his wife and family is unwavering, and he has openly communicated with his spouse about the challenges that may arise due to his public image.

Hon. Masake & Family
Image: Instagram

Inspiring the youth and beyond:

Through his political career and the establishment of his foundation, he aspires to inspire young people, provide support and scholarships, and promote a culture of accountability in Kenyan politics.

Masaki's commitment to these causes, combined with his popularity, makes him a relatable and influential figure for young Kenyans.

He said he is vying in 2027 and he wants to be next senator of Nairobi, he is willing to do whatever it takes to push himself there and he is confident that he will win.

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