Meet Ethan Muziki a young artist revolutionizing the music industry

He managed to sell out the Kenya National Theater in a week.


• Young artists are changing the music scene and Ethan Muziki has proved to be one of them from the thought and consideration he put into his Ethanal concert.

Ethan Muziki
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Ethan Muziki is a young budding Kenyan rnb artist who has brought change to the music industry.

He managed to sell out Kenya's national theater which has almost a capacity of 500 seating in one week for his concert dubbed Ethanals which is set to happen on the first of June.

The singer, songwriter, and instrumentalist creates timeless and goes the extra mile of showing his fans how he makes his music.

While speaking to a writer at Mpasho he spoke about how this whole experience was envisioned and put together.

" I never thought I would be able to sell out this concert especially that fast, but Ethanals came through".

When asked why the name Ethanals, he said" This was a name for my community my fan base, and it's something we chose together and I even have an album called Ethanal Fire."

He further stated that he had not even paid out the booking required for Kenya national theatre and all he had done was just notify his fans of the concert and notify KNT of him wanting the place on the 1st of June.

As soon as he announced that the link to purchase tickets was open in the first 5hours he was able to get enough money from the sales to pay for the venue.

When asked on why he chose KNT and not any other venue he said " my fans comfort means the most to me and i cannot compromise on the quality of sound experience i want to give them"

He added that singing in an auditorium live while playing the instrumentals would give the crowd a different feel from the normal concerts they are used to.

"i want them to feel like they are listening to the tracks as they are on the online streaming platforms."

Ethan said that is another reason why its also a one man show and he has been adequately preparing for it.

He had turned his room into a makeshift for the set up he would use on stage.

He said that his fans should only expect the best from him in this concert and that he has some good collabos in the works that he wont mention but all in all they should expect great things from him this 2023.

He has worked under the King Kaka empire in a boy band called Jadi before he decided to go solo.

Ethan has featured collaborations with artists like Bridget Blue, Watendawili group, and Brandy Maina among many others.

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