Obinna's mature reason for forgiving Jony the Hairdresser

The comedian also revealed that he has never met Jony


• Jony the hairdresser apologized to Obina in an Instagram post and even offering his family members a free makeup and hair session.

Oga Obinna

Kenyan comedian Oga Obinna accepted an apology from Jony Hairdresser, a well-known cross-dresser in the country, who had claimed that he was in a romantic relationship and that they owned a house together.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Mpasho, the father of 4 disclosed that he decided to forgive the makeup artist because he was a child. He further went on to say;

"Everything he said was not pre-meditated like he didn't have an evil side to it." Upholding that, "I know content creators do a couple of mistakes most of the time, and most of them are not well thought about before execution."

The funny man also explained that he has never met Jony and they don't know each other revealing that if it were someone close to him it could have been different and therefore, "I thought about it and saw that he did not have a reason to it was just for content."

He concluded by explaining that the fact that the hairdresser was willing to express regret and make an apology by showing how remorseful he was, was also enough reason. 

Obinna acknowledged the apology in a tweet on Sunday, saying, “Apology accepted. We are moving on!!!"

As he said the video really pissed him off since there have been a lot of people who have called him gay.

All these came after Jony issued a public apology, clarifying that the video in which he made the claims was meant as a joke and not to cause any harm.

He expressed his respect for Obinna and the way he handled the situation by offering him and his loved ones free makeup and hair sessions.

Watch the interview below;

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