Obinna: I will never come to terms with Amber Ray's relationship

The comedian revealed that he is happy that he won't be able to attend the upcoming baby shower


• Obinna has four children with three different baby mamas.

Oga Obinna

Former Kiss presenter Oga Obinna has always expressed an interest in wanting to date Amber Ray without shying away to show it.

He once revealed that Amber turned down his advances, citing that he couldn’t meet her standards.

In an exclusive interview with Mpasho, the comedian revealed that he will never accept the fact that Amber Ray is in a relationship stating that " No condition is permanent not even death".

The father of four has also been invited to Ms. Amber's baby shower and he said that he will not be able to make it since he has a couple of events to attend.

He showed and explained how delighted he was for not attending the baby shower as he is kind of "jealous". 

In a funny way, he revealed that he feels like Rapudo is trying to prove a point after inviting him and Jimal to the baby shower as  he explained that;

"He knows that I've always wanted Amber Ray and then he keeps inviting me to places where they are together just to rub it on my face, I've read through the lines na nimejua."

The funny man also disclosed that Jimal and Amber are just friends and that the Range Rover was not a gift as he assured that Rapudo and Amber are together.

He concluded by advising men to look for women who are pretty for the sake of their kids.

This comes months after their gender reveal and Obinna was among the celebrities who were invited to their gender reveal party.

Amber was accused of having copied Vera Sidika's party, and the socialites spent the day exposing each other.

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