Captain Otoyo's curious answer about relationship with Mashirima Kapombe

The comedian described his late dad who died at 80 as the family's Mugumo tree


• His dad died last year.

• Captain Otoyo allegedly has a son with TV presenter Mashirima Kapombe.

Captain Otoyo.
Image: Facebook

Kenyan entertainer and comedian Captain Otoyo Sibuor candidly spoke about how he honours his late dad and also his relationship with news presenter Mashirima Kapombe in an interview with

The comedian opened up and emotionally explained that his dad died over a year ago. He said he wished that he was still here with him to see and witness his success and the strides he has made in life.

"My mzee, I personally think that angekua to see how things turned out for me," adding that he works hard just to make him proud after everything he sacrificed for his sake.

"I work hard not to let him down, He spent on people a lot and that's what I do, I'm doing the same on his behalf and I just want to make him happy up there by just doing good."

A while back, the comedian described his late dad who died at 80 as the family's Mugumo tree, meaning he was the pillar that held the family together. 

Speaking about his relationship with TV girl Mashirima and fatherhood, Otoyo said that he'd rather be silent since, "They will speak for themselves "clarifying that, "I choose not to discuss these things. "

Otoyo and Mashirima some times back were rumoured to be in a relationship but the presenter denied it after a fan asked her if she was married or dating Captain Otoyo.

On the other hand, In 2014, the comedian, who is also a radio presenter, opened up about their relationship when he shared her photo on Facebook, saying, "A friend of my heart."

The two are alleged to be having an eight-year-old son together which neither has commented on.

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