Luwi Capello still suffering health issues from 2017 accident

The actor disclosed that he had a memory loss


• Luwi Capello opened up on how the accident he was involved in changed his life.

• He also disclosed that he lost his memories adding that it's currently a little bit okay since it just takes time and counseling.

Luwi Capello
Image: Instagram

In an exclusive interview with Kalondu Musyimi, former Nairobi Diaries actor Luwi Capello opened up on how the 2017 car accident he was involved in some years back changed his life.

"I had a very bad accident on my birthday on 24th September that I'll never forget, it turned my life in a good and bad way."

Explaining ways in which the accident changed his life, the actor said that before the accident, he used to be a playboy and was so filled with pride since he is an actor and a celebrity.

"I was this guy who was filled with pride and since I am a well-known person, at that time I used to play women a lot."

He also changed his ways after the accident and turned to God and started going to church and also prays a lot from that day adding that "Karibu niokoke".

The handsome thespian also disclosed that he suffered amnesia stating that the situation is getting better due to counseling.

"My brain was swollen mpaka ndani, up to now I still use medication," he described in one of the past interviews.

The accident happened during a fight featuring prominent American boxer Floyd Mayweather. He was headed to Malindi to watch the fight and they were drinking, very excitedly talking about looking forward to watching the boxing match.

Describing his 2023, he said that;

"My 2023 looks very good and I thank God that everything is working very well in his favour," as he revealed that he is currently working on one of the best projects and films in Kenya.

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