• Dan Mogore has rubbished claims that the industry is dead.

• He started music 10 years as a member of his church praise and worship team.

Dan Mogore
Dan Mogore

Gospel singer and event organiser Dan Mogore has rubbished claims that the industry is dead.

In a recent interview with Mpasho.co.ke, the popular singer said artiste who left the industry were there because of money and not to serve God.

"There is nothing like gospel industry dying. Gospel industry died long time ago since they were there for money. They lacked material after they found out that there was no money. The gospel ministry is there forever and ever," he said.

Mogore added that some artistes now want to return to gospel after their music failed to pick even in the secular world.

"The word of God can never die. All these people who are claiming the industry is dead is coz they left the industry. They want to come back and claim they have returned to save the industry."

He started music 10 years as a member of his church's praise and worship team. His first album titled 'Matendo Makuu' was released eight years ago.

It featured songs like Nani kama wewe and Matendo Makuu. His latest album will be fully released by the end of this year.

Mogore said 'Uko juu saana' is one of his best songs. A few months ago, spoke out after artists raised concerns over current Kenya’s gospel industry saying it is dead.

Pitson in an interview with Chris Baraka and Family says the claims were prophesied by the late Big Kev a month before his demise in 2017.

Pitson says, he visited Big Kev who had lost his sight but he could still see as his vision was intact.

Big Kev shared with him a vision where gospel singers were divided into two different groups.

"There is a clear separation between artists and soon after Big Kev’s death, it all came to pass. What we are experiencing now was all prophesied," he said.

Bahati said gospel artists who do not believe in what they preach through their music.

"The gospel industry is full of artists who do not have the gospel of Jesus in them.

One of the reasons why we no longer see the hits like before is because their hearts are dirty. They are jealous and ungrateful."

Guardian Angel said that while the gospel is alive, the industry is long gone.

"The gospel of God is alive but the industry died a long time ago," he said.

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