Michelle Ntalami and Minne are not beefing because of men, she explains

The two are rivals in the 'Real Housewives of Nairobi'

• Michelle Ntalami has addressed her beef with actress Minne Kariuki.

• Michelle said she never pretends to like someone with bad vibes.

Minnie Kariuki and Michelle Ntalami
Minnie Kariuki and Michelle Ntalami

Marini products CEO Michelle Ntalami has addressed her beef with actress Minne Kariuki.

The first episode of 'Real Housewives of Nairobi' revealed that there is a bit of celebrity beef that has been going on low-key.

A moneyed party organised by Posh Palace CEO Susan Kaittany turned chaotic after the cast tore into each other mercilessly, shading one another.

An introduction between Minne and Michelle Ntalami hit a dead end after the actress claimed she had never seen or met the Marini CEO.

"I literally don't know her, we write cheques, and she writes her Instagram posts," Minne said.

To which Michelle responded:

"I'm also a boss b!tch like you if you are even."

The beef escalates and Minne walks away.

Speaking to Word Is, Michelle said she is in the show courtesy of Susan Kaitanny, who is a great friend.

"For me, if paid or not, I would still have been there for my friend," she said.

Asked to explain her beef with Minne, Michelle said she never pretends to like someone with bad vibes.

"I won't act like we are besties, so people should expect authenticity. When I am hurt, I am, when I am happy, I am," she said.

She said she no longer tries to keep a fake image on social media.

"I have a good amount of coins in my bank, and that is who I am," she said.

She said her beef with Minne is basically about who is wealthier than the other and not about men as Vera Sidika implied in the show.

"Vera was right when she said women fight because of money or men. I don't think I have a man's problem. I have 99 problems but getting a n***a ain't one of them," she said.

"It's probably coz of money, women tend to feel lesser when they feel like you have more money than them or have made more. I am not saying I have made it more than her, but I have always felt her having a negative energy."

Asked if fans should expect more drama, Michelle said she would never fight any woman but will bring them down completely.

 "I will do or say something that will reduce her. It is either love or ego, and I choose love," she said.

"Even with your lovers, friends, or partners, I choose love, but if you choose to show me hate, I will take that. I am good at detaching from my previous life experiences."

With new episodes dropping weekly, the housewives promise that there is more to expect as they reintroduce Nairobi to 50 countries across Africa on Showmax.

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