Why Anto Neosoul quit Nation FM

Anto joined Nation in 2019

• Anto Neosoul has parted ways with Nation FM.

• Anto Neosoul hosted an evening Nation Drive and his last show on the station on Monday this week.

Anto Neosoul
Anto Neosoul

Multi-talented media personality Anto Neosoul has parted ways with Nation FM.

Neosoul landed a job at the Nation Media Group (NMG)s Nation FM back in 2019.

He hosted the evening Nation Drive and his last show at the station was on Monday this week.

According to a close source to Mpasho, Anto quit after he asked for a salary review which the company allegedly did not fulfill.

"He had asked for a salary increment but they did not want to give him the money he was asking for," the source said.

Through his social media, Anto bid farewell to his fans saying his time to leave the show had come.

"It’s a decision I don’t take lightly, one that I have really sat and thought about, and it’s been quite difficult to fathom, but well, the time is here, and the time is now."

Speaking to Mpasho's writer Elizabeth Ngigi, Anto confirmed that he had parted ways with the company to focus on content creation and his music.

"Yes, I am no longer at Nation since I felt there was no time for some others things that I was doing. I appreciate the time I have been there and the personal growth," he said.

"I’m putting my energy into ANTO Live happening on April 23, 2023, at The Alchemist where I’ll perform for my fans music from my second album Welcome 2 My Soul as well as earlier catalogues."

He also rubbished claims that he was sacked.

"Had I been sacked I would not have bid my fans farewell? It was a personal decision."

He joined Nation FM together with Oga Obinna who currently works at Kiss FM.

After joining Kiss FM, Obinna shared a long and heartwarming story of how had been rejected and devalued on various occasions.

He noted that without the overwhelming obstacles, he would not have achieved this big.

 "I have been rejected, fired, mistreated, gossiped about, laughed and told that I was unworthy countless times. However, as I look back I realise all these have been blessings. They made me stronger and challenged me to work harder. Let me take this opportunity to thank everyone that fired me, Without that I wouldn't have worked harder maybe," he said.

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