I am happy! Betty Kyallo talks about her new found 'bae'

• Betty Kyallo has hinted that she is finally in a new relationship.

• Betty's mum had warned her against rushing to another relationship

Betty Kyallo

Media personality Betty Kyallo has hinted that she is finally in a new relationship.

In October, the mother of one shared a photo of her holding a bouquet of flowers and saying it was the highlight of her week.

At the time she only said that love was a beautiful thing.

"Highlight of my week❤️ Love is a beautiful thing."

In an interview with Mpasho's writer, Elizabeth Ngigi, the talented business lady said she is happy.

"I am very happy and about that photo of me holding flowers, Kwani siwezi pendwa na my mum ama Yesu," she said.

Betty added that the reason she took long to jump into her recent relationship is that she was warned against rushing things.

 "My mum said I should not rush again and I decided to wait but something also happened and we are at a good place."

Betty Kyallo's recent public relationship was with a lawyer, Nick Ndeda.

When the two broke up, Betty said they had different ways of how they looked at certain things.

"At some point, things just don't work out. In a relationship, it is about getting to know each other. It got to a place where we were just not seeing the same direction with regards to the relationship."

Nick recently revealed that he misses his ex-lover describing her as a good person.

"I miss certain things about her, I won’t lie. She is a good person. Good energy and all," Nick said.

Nick also denied falling in love with Betty Kyallo because of her fame.

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