'There is a time for everything!' Sam West tells off Grace Mwai and Kamuhunjia

Many have criticized the couple saying they are mocking God.

•  Sam West says there is a time for everything.

He is the ex-husband to Kenyan artist Vivian.
Motivational speaker Sam West. He is the ex-husband to Kenyan artist Vivian.

Motivational speaker Sam West has weighed in on whether praying before and after intimacy is realistic.

Days ago Grace Mwai and her bae Kamuhunjia caught many by surprise after confessing they pray during sex.

Speaking exclusively to Mpasho, Sam shared;

"Why are they praying? Wanaomba wasipate accident during the game ama? The issue of praying before and after sex is very personal. (1st Corinthians 7 says that when you are fasting and praying you should abstain from intercourse) It's a form of sacrifice. Personally, I wouldn't mix pleasure with God. There is a time for everything."

Grace and Hiram hosted Akorino model Carey Priscilla and her husband Benito to a couples QnA on their YouTube channel on November 21.

Carey asked the couple how they deal with physical intimacy. "How do you ensure that the spark is always there?"

The Kikuyu musician answered; "When it comes to bedroom matters it's not a matter if you are Christian or not. It can't be any different since we are Christians. You have to find time for each other. That is the greatest highlight of marriage And so you have to commit yourself. What has worked well for us is we are very intentional about it."

Hiram himself said; "You know people don't know that physical intimacy is spiritual. So uko kwa hiyo game we always pray. Yes, you pray because you can when you are on that game unaeza jipata ball imepotea unaona, so you have to pray."

Hiram encouraged couples to be spiritual and that it was ordained by God. He added that if couples are affected by such things as high and low moments or even hormones, that they should "pray".

Grace added, "But we also understand that in this day and era the thought of  praying, to be honest, it might not always come through eh but it is ok even though and if it doesn't....."

Hiram and Grace's sentiments can be matched by Pastor Susan Munene of the famous Twa Twa slang.

In a viral video, the preacher who was addressing a gathering off the road advised a married couple to pray before and after physical intimacy since the game was ordained by God and his intervention is paramount at any stage of the affair.

Do you /Would you pray before physical intimacy?

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