Risper Faith reveals how she built her lavish mansion in Kitusuru

Risper Faith is married and has a son

• Risper Faith flaunted her mansion saying she built it when she was still on the reality show.

• She also showed off her her beautiful furniture in her house.

Risper Faith
Risper Faith

Former Nairobi Diaries has revealed that she has three nannies for her family.

In a Tiktok Live session, the mother of one flaunted her mansion saying she built it when she was still on the reality show.

Risper who is married to Brian Muiruri also talked about her future plans.

"We have a space for each other in the living room. We enjoy watching TV from upstairs. I am married to a Kikuyu and not a Mzungu. Brian is a very nice guy," she said.

She also showed off the beautiful furniture in her house.

She praises her husband for giving her a good live saying he worked hard when he lived in the US for 11 years.

"I am not married by a Mzungu, my husband has a taste of the good life," she said.

She revealed that she will name her daughter Briana in case God blesses her with one.

"We started building in 2015 when I was still in Nairobi Diaries and we moved in, in 2018."

Asked how many nannies she has, Risper said she has three nannies, one for the baby and two for her house.

"I pay them good money. I would never hire a nanny who has a TikTok since she will show off my whole house."

Asked how much she spent to build her house, Risper said she will not speak about that since nobody would believe it.

"I have 8 bedrooms and I will be hosting guests from Germany tonight. People will say I am bragging if I share how much I spent on my house."

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