• Samidoh early today lost his YouTube channel to hackers.

• The channel has over 300k subscribers.

YouTube account hacked
Samidoh's YouTube account hacked
Image: Instagram

Early today, Mugiithi singer Samidoh lost his YouTube channel to hackers.

The channel has over 300k subscribers. The musician is currently in the US for a two-month music tour.

Speaking exclusively to Mpasho's writer Elizabeth Ngigi, his manager Moses Marite said the team is working on recovering the channel.

"Yes, working to resolve the issue."

Recently, we have witnessed an alarming number of Kenyan celebrities being targeted by hackers.

In most instances, the hackers demand a ransom to hand back the accounts.

Sometimes, they use the compromised accounts to share inappropriate content, greatly impacting the victims’ image among their social media followers.

A few months ago, Tiktoker Kinuthia lost access to his YouTube channel with over 46K subscribers.

According to Kinuthia, the problem came in after he lost access to his old phone which he had signed in with the email used to create the channel.

Diamond's YouTube channel-one of the most subscribed YouTube accounts in East Africa was also hacked by anonymous hackers this year.

In February this year, Gengetone Group Ochungulo family’s YouTube channel was also hacked.

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