• The model was notified by a friend that her video was on her stories.

• On reaching out, Risper blocked her.

The socialite has been accused of using content from a TikToker without her permission
Risper Faith. The socialite has been accused of using content from a TikToker without her permission
Image: Instagram

Risper Faith has responded to comments made by a content creator on TikTok called Soni who said that she had used her videos and photos without her consent.

We at Mpasho.co.ke contacted her and the mom of one was very diplomatic saying that she had taken down the content.

"With regards to the claims made against me earlier, I would like to say that no infringement was intended whatsoever, and the images were available to the public domain."

Before adding, "In fact, I have had them taken down."

Risper Faith response.

Risper was caught up in a scandal yesterday after the beauty model revealed that she used her photos and videos to advertise Risper Faith products without her consent.

The model named Soni, who also doubles up to as a beautypreneur, was alerted by a friend that her TikTok videos were on her page, and they had the tag, Risper Faith.

A furious Soni took to her Instagram stories, to note, "This woman has even blocked me, can y'all go tell her to remove my content? @lady risper, like why, are you y'all so lazy? I do not use her products never have never could."

Soni continued to ask Risper what was so hard about creating her own content and posting it,

"Risper, you use my content to sell your stuff then block me?!! Are you serious? Content creation is not rocket science y'all please help me tell her to take down my stuff damn."

Soni took it further to DM Risper, "Why would you use my content to promote your products though??

She highlighted the DM as she stated, "Mind-blowing. Why would you use someone's else content to promote your stuff? Doesn't your stuff work?? (Laughing emoji)"

The beauty model reiterated to her followers and clients that she was in no way linked up to Risper Faith,

"And guys I'm not her client, I've never used her rice soap, we have our own. Shame on you Risper. I was so respectful but here we are."

Soni then went for the jugular calling out the socialite for not even doing the bare minimum for her clients and potential clients

"This is how people with no spines and home training respond, you have the audacity to block me, yet you can't bend over a sink and wash your face and show your "clients" how your shit works."

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