I had given up on ever having more kids-Wahu discloses

The singer has three lovely daughters

• Wahu and Nameless welcomed their daughter, Shiro, two weeks ago.

• Wahu said she always wanted to have three children.

'My third baby was not an accident,' says Wahu
'My third baby was not an accident,' says Wahu
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Singer Wahu waited for six years to conceive her third child. The 'Sweet Love' singer told Mpasho's writer Elizabeth Ngigi that she was always wanted three children but was frustrated along the way.

"From when my second born daughter Nyakio was about three years, I wanted another child but God made me wait for six years before He finally remembered me," she said.

The singer and her hubby Nameless welcomed their daughter, Shiro, two weeks ago.

Wahu said after she hit 40 years, her hopes of ever becoming a mum again were over until early this year, when she decided to make peace with it.

"I was not assisted and I did not go for any artificial method, but God answered my prayers. When I got pregnant, I was not looking for a baby since I had reached a place where I was already trying to make peace and accept that I am a mum of two."

Towards the end of 2021, Wahu said she wanted to focus on herself.

"I was at a point of letting me just enjoy my 40s and focus on me and start working out and stop the obsession thing with having a kid," she said.

In February this year, she had posted an encouraging message to women who do not have children, asking God to bless them with children.

"It was part of my trying to have closure of not being able to have a third child," she said.

"I could only imagine how painful it felt not to have a child since I already have two and still I was looking for another one. What about the one who does not have any?"

Wahu's message to women above 40 and looking for a child is that they should not lose hope.

"Getting a baby after 40 years gave a lot of women hope and some came to my DM and when I meet them, they had hope that it is possible," she said.

"It is not over until God says it is over. Let them not be anxious despite being hard to wait. I know the joy a baby can give a family, but I would say, 'Don't give up.'"

She said having three healthy girls is what she wished for in her life.

"I don't understand why we make a big deal about the gender, yet I have a healthy baby and that's all a mother can hope for," she said.

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