Kenyan celebrity interior designer offers Zuchu free house make over

Meet Kenyan man decorating celebrities houses

• John Mwaura has revamped spaces for celebs such as jovial, Nadia Mukami, Dorea chege, Crazy kennar, and Gabu.

• He is inspired by Zuchu's fashion sense and her business acumen.

the founder of Dollar Furniture_ke
John Mwaura the founder of Dollar Furniture_ke
Image: Courtesy

Ever wondered what it takes to decorate celebrity houses? John Mwaura, the founder of Dollar Furniture ke has mastered the art of decoration and he is smiling at the bank.

Mwaura's specialty is helping revamp celebrities' houses to make them meet their standards.

Speaking exclusively to Mpasho. Co.Ke the laid-back businessman says his passion for interior decor pushed him to start this business.

"Travelling gave me the zeal to come up with more better and fashionable designs to improve the ambiance of our client's homes and offices."

Mwaura says he has remained in the business because of the referrals given by clients who are satisfied with his work.

What celebs have you worked with?

" I have worked with celebrities such as jovial, Nadia Mukami, Dorea chege, Crazy kennar, and Gabu the singer among other celebrities. "

The biggest challenge he faces as an interior designer is?

"My biggest challenge is indecisive clients who do not know exactly what they want."

Despite being a household name, things were not always rosy for Mwaura.

It was only through the trust of a client that he was able to land his first gig.

"My breakthrough deal was when a client trusted me to decorate her entire house. I maximized this opportunity and delivered the best through this I got crazy referrals from her. Am forever grateful to her for giving me that life-changing opportunity."

Mwaura says he has a crush on Tanzanian songstress Zuchu adding that he wouldn't mind giving her a decor job for free.

"Zuchu is my crush. Her simple but elegant fashion sense also greatly inspires me. Given a chance, I would love to work with her. I also don't mind giving her a free make-over after a successful deal."

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