• A simple painting costs Ksh 500 while the price of a complex one varies.

• The body art Festival theme will be Anime and Animation.

Body art Festival

Art lovers have something to look forward to during the Body Art Festival which will be held at The Monk, Lavington.

Body Art Kenya is a body painting event that is held once every month, to celebrate and showcase Kenyan art creatives.

They first had their event on May 1st, 2022 and currently, they have had two successful editions.

On Sunday, July 3rd, they will be hosting their third edition at The Monk in Lavington from 12noon to 11 pm; where there will be live music by Dj Nyash Orik and a performance from Pryshon.

In an exclusive interview with Mpasho. Co.ke Christine Lando the Art Director, stated that their first artist was found online, the rest got the news about the event and that’s how they formed a community of creatives.

“I sourced the artists online and the rest I sourced from the event since they attend too.” She said.

The Body Art Kenya social media page is filled with painted bodies that are creative to look at. Some of their art is sensual, the models have painted on their full-body posing for pictures and moving around to show out their art.

Christine emphasized that the models are of a certain body type and they are not afraid to do full-body paintings as they are professional models.

She continued to state that the audience can also get full-body paintings if they are interested.

“Slender and petite body size work best with a full body paint and we also do have the audience get their half nude body paint.

The Kenyan Art industry is yet to accommodate the many youths who are creatives. Young Kenyans pursue art as a serious career path and support from the government would uplift their businesses and events that are creative oriented.” She said.

Christine Lando stresses that the Kenyan market is aware of the art conventions but there is less attention paid to the industry.

“The Kenyan market is open, it’s just that we need to create awareness about it since we have so many people who are into art.” She said.

The art events hold over time are to inform the Kenyan people on how art is still relevant and anyone into art can be a part of the community.

According to their numbers, most women are into art more than men. More women are into art as it is similar to makeup and they expect men to get into the industry as it grows.

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